Living in the Algarve: Things to Do and See in The Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve — 300 Days of Sun

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Living in The Algarve, Portugal

What is the Weather in the Algarve?

The Algarve boasts a fantastic Atlantic climate. With an annual average of over 300 days of sunshine, the Algarve is one of Europe´s sunniest places and even has more sunshine than California. With little rainfall and plenty of sunshine, the Algarve offers outstanding weather conditions for year-round tourism. Maximum temperatures vary between 61°F and 88°F over the course of the year.

What to Do and See in the Algarve?

Albufeira, Portimão, Vilamoura, Lagos, Tavira, Faro, Silves, Loulé, Monchique, Vila Real de Santo António, and Sagres are just some of the cities that make up this beautiful region, all rich with history and charm. The relaxing atmosphere that characterizes this region, combined with its diverse culture, safe environment, and proximity to several major European cities, make the Algarve the ideal destination for those looking for quality of life.

There are endless opportunities to partake in exciting activities (and many are offered in foreign languages, to make everyone feel at home): great nightlife; world-class golf, with dozens of internationally recognized courses, and water sports. The area is family friendly. It’s hard to miss the water parks in the Algarve, as several of them are landmarks, while many parks have pools with water slides and merry-go-rounds. There is also a strong emphasis on education and conservation, with opportunities for children to interact with birds and sea life, including dolphins, seals, and sea lions.

Where to Eat in the Algarve

Nothing gives a sense of place better than a food market, and in the Algarve that means seafood. The Algarve has been a fishing port since the Middle Ages. The variety and abundance of fish from the deep Atlantic Ocean waters are impressive: from sea bream and sea bass to shellfish, octopus and squid.


The Algarve has a great range of retail stores, from global brands and large shopping malls and designer boutiques to gypsy markets and small local shops packed with handmade goods. The region is also renowned for its pottery and leather items.

Why Buy a Property in the Algarve?

It’s not just the ultimate holiday location, the region is also the ideal place for a permanent residence or a second home. The excellent quality to price ratio found in the southernmost region of mainland Portugal makes for fantastic investment opportunities. With real estate offerings ranging from homes in luxury resorts to seafront apartments to manor houses, equestrian estates, and farms.

The heart of the Algarve, in particular the Golden Triangle, which boasts some of the most exclusive destinations in the country— Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo, and Vilamoura—is a particular draw for affluent buyers from across the globe.

Can Foreigners & Non-Residents Buy a Home in the Algarve?

Portugal is a multicultural country, and welcomes tourists and foreign residents. The Portuguese are known for their hospitality and the Golden Visa program has been actively promoted internationally by the Portuguese government since it launched in 2012. A real estate investment of €500,000 entitles non-EU buyers and their immediate family to up to five years residency. Foreign buyers who move their tax residency to Portugal are entitled to a Portuguese passport which allows visa-free entry to Schengen Area countries.

How Many People Live in Algarve?

451,000 (2014)

What Language Is Spoken in Algarve?

The official language is Portuguese; however, English, French, and Spanish are widely spoken in the region.

What is the Currency in Algarve?


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