Living in Bigfork: Things to Do and See in Bigfork, Montana

Bigfork...where Flathead Lake begins

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Living in Bigfork, Montana

Bigfork's story began more than 100 years ago as a logging and farming community. The thick timber provided surrounding sawmills with lumber that produced over 600,000 railroad ties per year. From the hardworking and entrepreneurial spirit of common folk, Bigfork still remains the unique village that it was born to be.

Where Is Bigfork Located in Montana?

Bigfork Village is nestled between two rivers at the north end of Flathead Lake, the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi. Endless recreational opportunities are waiting on 191 square miles of sparkling waters and hundreds of hiking trails with abundant wildlife along tree-lined shores. Often called "the banana belt" of Montana, the East Shore's mild climate is ideal for growing the famous Flathead sweet cherries savored all over the world.

What to Do and See in Bigfork?

A stroll through Bigfork reveals a vibrant arts culture. Along Electric Avenue, so named as the first street to receive electricity from the powerhouse that still operates, world-class art galleries, artists-in-residence, and live theater awaits. The Bigfork Playhouse now celebrates 53 years of live and professional theatre, entertaining audiences from around the globe. An evening at the theatre, preceded by a gourmet meal from one of Bigfork's fine restaurants, is a treat to be remembered. Minutes from Bigfork is Eagle Bend championship golf course and Eagle Bend Yacht Harbor. Just east rise the mighty Swan Mountains with hiking trails, Jewel Basin, and glacier-fed lakes. Much of the ruggedness that defines Montana can be found along the Swan River, including a tremendous variety of game and a diverse ecology. The angler, hunter, hiker or nature lover will find a place to treasure the outdoors in the Bigfork area.

How Many People Live in Bigfork?

Population: 3500 to 7000 depending on time of year

What Languages Are Spoken in Bigfork?

Language: English

What is the Currency in Bigfork?

Currency: USD

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