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The Cayman Islands – Cosmopolitan Caribbean

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Population: 55,000
Language: English
Currency: KYD


Touted as the culinary capital of the Caribbean, Cayman’s food and cocktail scene is like no other in the Caribbean. From fine dining at Blue by Eric Ripert, to indulging in a seaside Fish Fry Up at Grape Tree Café, there’s something for every palate. Watersports aplenty, scuba diving, snorkeling, kite boarding and of course sailing, Cayman’s pristine waters and soft sand beaches are a true playground for the active sun worshipper. Cosmopolitan yet rich in history and culture, Cayman’s charm is sure to enchant all who seek a lively sanctuary.

The Cayman Islands, surrounded by gin clear waters and soft coral sands, is a popular and prestigious destination for vacationers and real estate investors alike. From Seven Mile Beach, brimming with luxury hotels and residences, to the tranquil shores of Rum Point, Cayman is renowned for its pristine beaches, endless marine activities, shopping, restaurants and entertainment.

Luxuriously casual, the town of Camana Bay on Grand Cayman, offers locals and tourists a new lifestyle experience. This beautifully landscaped community lined with shopping, restaurants and gathering places, all of which are cool and breezy thanks to carefully positioned canopies and trees, is quickly becoming Grand Cayman’s favourite place to relax, socialize or simply enjoy the sunshine.

Cayman enjoys world-class snorkeling and scuba diving, is ideal for kitesurfing thanks to the ever blowing trade winds, and offers a range of watersport activities such as paddle boarding, kayaking and of course sailing. On land, golf, tennis, a botanic park, a turtle farm and of course miles of beaches to stroll on, are just a few options to choose from.

A British overseas territory, the Cayman Islands place no restrictions on foreign ownership and, beyond a one-time stamp duty, do not charge an annual property tax or capital gains taxes. Foreign buyers looking to invest in property for personal use will be welcomed by a simple and straightforward process, as the Islands Vacant land may also be purchased and held for future investment potential. Titles are granted and guaranteed by the Cayman Islands Government, which maintains a central registry of all mapped plots of land throughout all three islands. This allows potential purchasers to gain full access to the provenance of any piece of property, to follow its story from vacant land to construction to ownership.

The Cayman Islands are just 480 miles south of Miami in the Western Caribbean and easy to reach through multiple ports, from North America to Europe. More than 55 commercial flights arrive each week at the islands’ international airports, and a number of private jet and charter operations are also on hand. With a population of over 55,000, Cayman is a diverse country that boasts over 100 nationalities, a sophisticated international culture, and a friendly and welcoming environment. Ideal for families, Cayman offers educational opportunities for children of all ages, from kindergarten to university, along with a multitude of sports and recreational activities.

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