Fiji Islands—A tropical paradise for those who seek adventure


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Population: 874,000
Language: English, Fijian, Hindi
Currency: Fijian Dollar


Fiji provides unique cultural and recreational experiences amid spectacular natural surroundings.

Set in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, the Republic of the Fiji Islands is a tropical paradise that beckons all adventurers with white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, and sparkling waters. Composed of approximately 330 tiny islands, less than a third of which are inhabited, Fiji lies to the north of New Zealand and northwest of Australia. The Fiji Islands provide a breathtaking setting for anyone seeking unforgettable cultural and recreational experiences.

Blessed with a South Sea maritime climate, Fiji is the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts. Renowned as “The Soft Coral Capital of the World,” Fiji has more than 4,000 square miles of coral reef displaying unparalleled marine biodiversity. For those who love watersports, the ocean proves an irresistible year-round draw for snorkelers, divers, surfers, and kayakers. Others may wish to cruise around the mainland and outer Fiji Islands, relaxing as velvety breezes caress.

Anyone desiring a “racier” experience can trek mountain trails and then swim under a waterfall, explore caves, backpack the outer islands, or step it up another notch with whitewater rafting on Fiji’s pristine rivers. One can even take the only hot air balloon flight in the South Pacific.

There’s certainly something for city lovers as well, as Nadi teems with busy streets, charming shops, and exquisite dining.

Fiji’s most precious asset, however, is her friendly people, who greet everyone they meet with the welcoming “Bula.” A multiracial and multicultural nation, Fiji is represented by all the major religions of the world. While its official language is English, indigenous Fijians have their own dialects that vary between Fiji’s 14 provinces.

Observers can watch women create mats, fans, hats, and baskets from natural materials; see pottery being made the traditional way, or attend a “talanoa” session (storytelling) about history, legends, and traditional local medicines. No visitor will want to miss a traditional kava session, and mekes are a cultural feast.

Another defining factor of Fiji is its sustainable eco-tourism. There are a variety of five-star eco-resorts, lodges, or even a village homestay—accommodations that will appeal to every type of traveler.

Dreamers, adventurers, fun seekers, and naturalists will all find their ultimate tropical experiences in the Fiji Islands.

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