República Dominicana

Santo Domingo – The Soul of the Caribbean


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Population: 3.8 million 
Language: Spanish
Currency: Dominican Peso


The orchestra, ballet, and opera offer the finest in entertaining. There is excellent gastronomy, a variety of sports, and a very active nightlife, while the pristine beaches are a must.

The performing arts are very important in Santo Domingo. The city has its own symphonic orchestra, chamber orchestra, opera company, ballet company, folkloric company, and national theater, including a number of smaller groups. The Plaza of culture is the center of activity, but there are concerts, ballet, folk music and other performances throughout the city. Casa de Teatro is the gathering place of avant-garde artists, actors, and musicians. It stages art and literature exhibitions and offers painting, drama, and dancing courses and monthly contests for poetry, short stories, and other forms of literature.
Santo Domingo is the location of numerous museums, many of which are located in the Zona Colonial district. In the Zona Colonialis, the Museum of Alcázar is located in Diego Colon's restored palace; the Museum of the Casas Reales offers artefacts of the colonial period and a collection of ancient weapons donated by Trujillo.
The city has various parks, many of which are relatively large. Santo Domingo (D.N) is surrounded by the Santo Domingo Greenbelt. Mirador Norte Park lies in the north of the city, close to Villa Mella and Mirador Sur Park is located in the southwest section of the city. Mirador del Este is located on the East bank of the Ozama river and it is the seat of the Columbus Lighthouse. Independencia Park and Colón Park are located in Zona Colonial, and Jardin Botanico, in Zona Avda, is considered the lungs of the city.

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