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Once the exclusive domain of royalty, the modernized château is on the market for the discerning property buyer with an eye for great and grand historic places. The castles of yore were the high technology of their era: Built on high ground with panoramic views commanding strategic real estate—ports, rivers, trade routes—their crenelated parapets, turrets, ramparts, and arrow-slit windows were designed to withstand prolonged sieges. Contrast that with the 21st-century castle, with its palatial reception rooms, lavish bedrooms, opulent bathrooms, perhaps a spiral staircase, a tower or dungeon converted into a luxury spa, formal gardens with specimen trees, a swimming pool and tennis court.

Castles for Sale Around the World

We invoke the spirit of the fairy tale with these regal estates from around the world. In France, castles are Neoclassical châteaux surrounded by meadow, forest, and vine; in Ireland, they are castellated Palladian country houses amid a private demesne of verdant parkland. The magnificent Baroque palazzos of Italy evoke the romance and intrigue of the Medici; the Gothic castles of the Netherlands reflect the simplicity and richness of Dutch tradition, and the Moorish palaces of Morocco enchant with their zellige-tiled courtyards, reflecting pools, and fragrant gardens. No matter the location, these castles and palaces await their next chapter to inspire future generations as they did the legends of the past.

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