Bishopsgate Residences
Singapore, Singapur'daki Şehirler, 247676 Singapur

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Hakkında Bishopsgate Residences

Located within the prestigious and highly coveted District 10, Bishopsgate Residences surrounded by embassies of the United Kingdom, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. The neighbourhood is a Good Class Bungalow area and this is the only site allow for condominium development along Bishopsgate, where foreigners are able to own.The architect strove to conceive a timeless design, similar to spacious vacation bungalows, while retaining the quiet character of the low density neighborhood and lush greenery.In order to blend in with the surrounding nature seamlessly, natural materials such as crazy cut stones and timber paneling with the articulation of the fins/overhangs are used to enhance the facade.


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