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Bjorn Farrugia

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Bjorn Farrugia moved to the United States from Australia 18 years ago on a sports scholarship to play Division 1 tennis. His competitive drive and team spirit led him to both the finance and marketing-media spheres in New York City, where he learned to excel above and beyond in the relentless work cycle and lifestyle that is New York City.

Tethering both experiences with his lifelong passion for real estate, Bjorn moved to Los Angeles to converge each of his experiences and passions – and transitioned into the world of real estate. His experience in finance – continues to lend a hand to his keen understanding of the complex, myriad moving parts of the financing and lending process. His experience in marketing taught him that each property is distinct and all marketing strategies should be treated as such. He prides himself on the exceptional level of distinction he provides to each client.

Today, Bjorn works at Hilton and Hyland, the preeminent luxury real estate brokerage in Los Angeles. Bjorn focuses on selling high-end luxury real estate in the Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Brentwood, Santa Monica, and The Greater Los Angeles areas. Bjorn shares the belief that this is a lifestyle career – intent on finding the right property for his clients, rather than a transactional relationship – and prides himself on his willingness to go above and beyond for each client.

Bjorn’s tireless work ethic is second-to-none. He has an innate ability to facilitate successful deals time and time again, and continues to pride himself on his repeat business that highlights that goal. Bjorn’s direct and honest approach leaves clients lauding his incomparable dedication to his craft.

Bjorn doesn’t consider real estate his job, he considers it a lifestyle. He believes helping his community and clients to be one and the same – his life’s work is to find a niche and help others carve theirs to fit their goals and aspirations – just as Bjorn has done every day.

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Bjorn Farrugia

250 N Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, California, 90210 Hoa Kỳ