Internationally recognized equestrian training center

Internationally recognized equestrian training center
Teresopolis, Brazil

Giá Theo Yêu Cầu
 Tạo Chỉ Dẫn

Về Internationally recognized equestrian training center

Internationally recognized, this property has one of the most complete equestrian structures of Brazil. The farm provides professional horse breeding, stabling and training facilities, including freshwater spring.
In addition to three training tracks, being one official sand track, lawn track and another track of "politrec", unique in the country, it also has two covered and computerized round arenas, whirlpool room, X-ray room, five pavilions with twenty individual stalls, totalizing one hundred stalls.
The installation has a complete support structure that includes sheds, silos with capacity for eighty tons, tractors, scale, workshop, deposits, energy generator among other facilities.
The land of approximately 239.50 acres still counts with a main house, two guest houses, house for the administrator, accommodation with twenty four suites, five offices, meeting room, refectory, besides own water, three mines and a beautiful lake

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Giá Theo Yêu Cầu
Phòng Ngủ
86,112 Bộ vg
Nội Thất
Nông trại / Trang trại / Vườn

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