Villalagos - The Zorzal
Punta Piedras, Punta Del Este, Maldonado, Uruguay


Về Punta Piedras

VILLALAGOS is in Punta del Este, South America's most well known shoreline. Located just 6 kms away from trendy La Barra Village, and the most fashionable beaches. Villalagos is the most exclusive private gated community in the area, it includes 13 chacras, that can be bought as a turnkey package with spectacular villas either completed, or as finished design stage. Also plots are availables, which vary in size from 2.4 ha to 7.1 ha. It has 91 has. of land and lakes, which conform a very special retreat. It also have 34 hectares of communal grounds with flowers, plants and shrubs to restore your senses all year round. Villalagos offers a natural, tranquil escape at any time of the year, and is the ideal setting for an extraordinary collection of luxurious modern homes.The Zorzal, or Rufous-bellied Trush, is loved across South America for its flute-like song, its beauty and its distinctive, nervouse, hopping walk when on the ground. Zorzal faces south-east towards its own stretch of shore on Lago Norte, and beyond to Lago Sur and the ocean. The grounds include a popular driveway to greet visitors and the nest of a rare owl.

Tiện Nghi

  • Xe đạp / đi bộ đường mòn
  • Thiết bị tàu
  • Người giữ cửa
  • Tầng hầm
  • Lò (s)
  • Hồbơi
  • Vườn riêng
  • Ao
  • Hồ tư nhân
  • Sân
  • Trung hòa nhiệt độ
  • Gas sưởi
  • Garage cho 1 xe
  • Bike Path
  • Hill / Mountain View
  • Nội thất lô
  • Lượtxem
  • Nhìn ra sông hồ
  • Orchard (s)
  • Bờ hồ
  • Nhìn ra biển
  • Scenic Xem
Thay đổi Đơn vị tiền tệ
Price / Sq. Ft.:
$557 /
Phòng Ngủ
5,209 Bộ vg
Nội Thất
7.41 Mẫu Anh
Ngoại Thất
Nghỉ tài sản
Năm xây dựng
TM 16864
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