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New York, New York
Nic Bottero has over 15 years of New York City luxury real estate experience, with eight of those years working alongside Erin Boisson Aries as the Senior Associate Broker in the Manhattan and Brooklyn markets. Prior to joining Erin, Nic spent nearly eight years as the Executive Vice President of one of New York's most successful boutique real estate firms in Manhattan's Upper East Side. Nic has successfully represented significant individual cooperative and condominium apartments, lofts and townhouses, as well as worked with Erin through the pre-development of Foster + Partners' 551 West 21st Street and the sponsor sales of Neil Denari's HL23.

With his more than a decade long experience in the industry, Nic has a keen understanding of spatial relationships—floorplans in particular—which offers his clients a distinctive asset when consulting on the development of a new building or the renovation of an apartment, loft, or townhouse. His relaxed veteran style is one reason why he is an expert at working with some of the most demanding and discerning clients; he has an agile and creative mind, is noted for being a quick study and gifted problem solver, and is able to efficiently navigate complicated deals in order to carry them through to closing. Establishing customer confidence, artfully negotiating, and providing guidance throughout the entire sales process are cornerstones in Nic's client service approach.

When not working on real estate transactions, Nic enjoys making wine in his family brownstone wine cellar on the Upper West Side. Born and raised in Manhattan on Central Park West, Nic studied in New York and graduated with honors from Skidmore University.

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Nicola Bottero works in New York which has a population of 1,529,375. New York has a household income of $52,922. The educational attainment of residents of New York includes 64.68% of adults who have at least a college degree.
Residents in New York will typically attend school in New York City Department Of Education.

Nicola Bottero

  • Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
20 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, New York, 10020 Hoa Kỳ


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