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Hilo, HI  

Tiếng Anh
Our East Hawaii office is minutes from Hilo Airport in Keaukaha (which essential is part of Hilo town). It's a large, older building built in 1956. We're not certain about the original use, but the large vault room suggests it was either a bank or HQ for some major business operation (we use the vault for office space now). Our Hilo spot opened in 2014, and is one of 3 locations on the Big Island. Hilo is a classic old Hawaii town with a largely full-time population and a University of Hawaii 4 year campus. Downtown Hilo is rich in history with old storefronts, well-worn sidewalks and classic local-style delicacies. Cruise ships come by twice weekly. Hilo is also the site of the annual Merrie Monarch festival, perhaps the world's best hula event. Hilo is pretty much the antithesis of a resort town. Come check us out in Hilo for some true local flavor!
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500 Kalanianaole Ave
Hilo, Hawaii, 96720 Hoa Kỳ