Real Estate Agent

Bryan Lanza is the Director of Commercial for Christie’s International Real Estate, he is a highly experienced professional in the commercial real estate industry, boasting over nine years of expertise in the field. He established the Commercial Division as a dedicated division of Christie's International Real Estate with the vision of combining his market knowledge and extensive connections to strengthen the client base and expand the inventory.

Throughout his career, Bryan has displayed a steadfast commitment to personalized client service. As a testament to this commitment, he has successfully recruited and added five experienced agents to his team, enhancing the depth of expertise and manpower required to support their growing portfolio. By assembling a talented and dedicated group, Bryan aims to deliver exceptional service and ensure unparalleled access to the most comprehensive and accurate data available in the industry.

Bryan's mission revolves around leveraging cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the way commercial real estate is bought, sold, and managed. His focus on innovation and progress drives the implementation of state-of-the-art tools and platforms to facilitate seamless transactions and empower clients with the necessary resources. By combining technical expertise with profound market knowledge, Bryan strives to establish lasting relationships with clients while ensuring their real estate goals are achieved with utmost efficiency. 

Prior to his successful career in commercial real estate, Bryan Lanza spent time working in various industries, honing his skills in marketing and business. He initially worked for Tempranillo, Inc., a prominent Spanish wholesale wine company, where he contributed to the company's marketing efforts. Additionally, Bryan made significant contributions to Fiji Tourism, where he played a pivotal role in boosting the country's tourism footprint.

Bryan's entrepreneurial spirit is further exemplified by his ownership of multiple retail locations, which he successfully sold. Beyond his professional achievements, Bryan has demonstrated exceptional talent in golf. During his college years, he held the prestigious position of being the number one golfer on his team for four consecutive years, a testament to his dedication and skill. Presently, he maintains an impressive 5 handicap, showcasing his continued passion for the sport. 

With an extensive background in marketing, a track record of success in real estate, and a commitment to excellence, Bryan Lanza is a highly regarded figure in the commercial real estate industry. His ability to blend market expertise, cutting-edge technology, and personalized client service sets him apart as a leader, driving innovation and progress in the field. 

Bryan Lanza works in White Plains which has a population of 66,166. White Plains has a household income of $60,151. The educational attainment of residents of White Plains includes 62.56% of adults who have at least a college degree.
Residents in White Plains will typically attend school in White Plains City.