Real Estate Agent

A man has a dream. Brandon's dream stems from his love of church family community and supporting neighbors through a process of purchasing and/or selling property.  Brandon has heard Thank you Brandon for assisting in the purchase of my home.  Thank you Brandon for selling my house. Thank you Brandon for your loyalty.

Brandon's service is unique as his clients are unique.  Brandon provides individual needs first and foremost from beginning to end including strategies negotiations contract all the way to closing and post-closing. 

(Brandon) Jeong Hoon Yoon has owned and operated a successful importing business since 2010.  Brandon brings 15 years of sales and marketing experience to guide you through this very rewarding process.

Brandon his lovely wife and two talented sons have been Commack residents since 2006.

Brandon Yoon

212 Commack Rd
康马克, 纽约, 11725 美国