Real Estate Agent

Laura Inserra is a life long resident of Long Island and believes there is no better place to live work and raise families than right here on the island.  Laura has lived in both counties and has an extensive knowledge of many communities on both shores.  Laura's passion for real estate renovations and decorating has led her to the business of helping clients sell and buy their most important asset.  She treats each client with respect honesty and patience.  Laura Inserra's goal is to enrich her professional development on a regular basis so she can bring the most up to date information to her clients.


Graduate Long Island Board of Realtors Licensing School

Member Long Island Board of Realtors - LIBOR

Member NY State Association of Realtors - NYSAR

Member National Association of Realtors - NAR

Laura Inserra

35 Laurel Rd
东诺斯波特, 纽约, 11731 美国