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LandVest Inc

Downtown Boston, 波士顿, MA  

LandVest's roots are in advising major New England families, whose assets included houses in town, country estates and timberland. Our brokers serve the New England luxury markets from the Connecticut coast to the Adirondacks to Mount Desert.

We partner with our consulting team to provide valuation, subdivision, and conservation planning, as well as planning for acquisition and disposition of complex real estate assets.

For properties which combine timberland with recreational amenities, our foresters and timberland brokers partner with our luxury brokers to provide sound advice and exceptional results.

Fiduciaries, institutions and private clients retain LandVest because of our discretion, global reach and exceptional market knowledge of special properties. We understand a fiduciary level of service. We can help our clients make informed decisions about real estate across New England and around the world.

As an affiliate of Christie's International Real Estate, we have been bringing great New England and Adirondack properties to the global marketplace since 1968.
农场 / 牧场,
Ten Post Office Square
Corporate Office 波士顿, 马萨诸塞州, 02109 美国

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Office LandVest Inc - Adirondacks Photo

LandVest Inc - Adirondacks

PO Box 791
基恩谷, 纽约州, 12943 美国
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LandVest Inc - Burlington

186 College Street
Suite 3C 伯灵顿, 佛蒙特州, 05401 美国
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Office LandVest Inc - Camden Photo

LandVest Inc - Camden

22 Bayview Street
卡姆登, 缅因州, 04843 美国
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Office LandVest Inc - Concord Photo

LandVest Inc - Concord

16 Centre Street
First Floor Concord, 新罕布什尔州, 03301 美国
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Office LandVest Inc - Martha's Vineyard Photo

LandVest Inc - Martha's Vineyard

19 South Summer Street
P.O. Box 1056 埃德加敦, 马萨诸塞州, 02539 美国
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Office LandVest Inc - Northeast Harbor Photo

LandVest Inc - Northeast Harbor

4A Tracy Road
P. O. Box 1068 东北港, 缅因州, 04662 美国
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Office LandVest Inc - Woodstock Photo

LandVest Inc - Woodstock

Four The Green
伍德斯托克, 佛蒙特州, 05091 美国
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Office LandVest, Inc - Portland Photo

LandVest, Inc - Portland

36 Danforth Street
波特兰, 缅因州, 04101 美国
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