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Riccardo Romolini was born on September 1974 in Caprese Michelangelo, a small village in the district of Arezzo where he spent his childhood.
Since then his interests have always been on village and rural life: the carpenter and the blacksmith, their workshops were only few steps away from his home; fishing in the small streams, but , above all , the discovery of the abandoned "casolari, full of adventures and dreams that only a child's mind can imagine.
That is how afternoons were spent, quite different from city kids, this made Riccardo full of interest and passion about his country childhood. His main interest is the Tuscan architecture, with it's incredible style, farmhouses and ruins. A strong passion and interest in his rural surroundings, which made him different from the other kids in his village

Between 14 and 19 Riccardo attended the Liceo Scientifico High School in Sansepolcro where he achieved his degree.
He then attended The Department of Agriculture at The University of Perugia to study his other big interest for plants and horticulture. His interest also grew in Japanese gardening and bonsai, when he lost his father Danilo a few years earlier.
Whilst at University, Riccardo started working in the Real Estate industry. During this time he worked with many important Real Estate Agencies and Riccardo began to realise where his ambitions were. What could be better than visiting many rural and country properties that he loved, estimating their value, and selling them to people who would restore and look after them with the same passion as his own?

In 2001 he decided to attend a course for Real Estate agents run by the Chamber of Commerce of Arezzo. He took the final exam, and passed with the top marks within the whole district of Arezzo. After a couple of months he registered and licensed as an Estate Agent, enrolment 1050. He was employed by a local Estate Agent.

Before too long Riccardo realised that he must own and run his own Real Estate Agency.
In November 2003 the "Compromesso for the " Vicolo del Poeta n.4 in ANGHIARI was made, and in February 2004 the Notarized deed and in April ROMOLINI IMMOBILIARE was born.

So that was a little about Riccardo and how our Real Estate business was born, but this is what our customers say:
Our customers arrive in our office, we sit them down and listen to their requirements…in their eyes they are still very apprehensive. An initial conversation to try and really understand the type of property that they would like to see and perhaps buy. Then the viewings start. They then discover the detail and understanding of the local environment and countryside that Riccardo has kept in his heart since his childhood.
Riccardo disappears with the clients for hours, for long no-stop viewings.
At the end of a long day, the same clients come back to the office, tired, but something in their eyes has changed ; wonderful smiles light up their faces .
They may not have found the right property that day, but they are sure to have found an agent that they can trust and who's local property knowledge is second to none!

Anghiari, Arezzo
Anghiari, 阿雷佐, 52031 意大利

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