Real Estate Agent

With a wealth of experiences across the finance, technology and real estate sectors, Aleksandr is a highly accomplished professional. Continuously interested in new opportunities, he approaches the real estate industry through a unique set of perspectives. Insightful and up-to-date, he offers tailored advice that regularly exceeds client expectations.

Aleksandr switched to the real estate industry five years ago, after a fruitful period as a financial analyst and investment consultant in the technology sector. Since then, he has successfully aided a variety of clients in achieving their property goals, using his technological skills to ensure convenient and straightforward communication.

Above all else, Aleksandr values honesty and discretion. Known for his personable nature and unrelenting diligence, he strives to create a relaxed atmosphere where professional discussions can occur alongside dialogues about art and culture, which he is deeply interested in.

Languages: English, Russian

Aleksandr Khoperskii

  • Private Client Advisor
Office P03, Bay Square 2
Dubai, 阿聯酋