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Luxurious Castles Bring Romance In To The 21St Century

They began as practical buildings meant to defend the property of landed families from invasions, and later entered the popular imagination as the sites of romantic ... Read More

Four Homes fit for Kings and Queens

Ninety-year-old Queen Elizabeth II is showing few signs of slowing down as her glamorous life continues to demand frequent royal engagements and appearances Read More

Home Tour: Carla Bruni-Sarkozy's Childhood Home

Owing to its colorful history and long lineage, Castle Po in Italy’s Piedmont region is like the architectural equivalent of a hybrid flower. It comes by its Renaissance ties Read More

Perfect Pairings: Antiques To Complement A Castle

We have both the Middle Ages and the 18th century to thank for our enduring fascination with Gothic castles. These fortified structures, which were better ... Read More