Devil's Cay Private Island
Berry Islands, 巴哈馬


關於 Devil's Cay Private Island

Devil's Cay is easily accessible by airstrips just 12 miles away from Chub Cay and Great Harbour Cay. It is located 35 miles north west of Nassau and only 150 miles south east of Miami.

This luxurious island spans 117 acres (approx. one mile long by 3/4 of a mile wide) and is surrounded by white sandy beaches. The North beach is a popular place for sea turtles to lay their eggs. The island contains a low-lying marsh in the center (running North to the cove) which could be opened up to the sea to make a landlocked harbour.

The southeastern shoreline has several beautiful beaches separated by high cliffs or bluffs. One of the cliffs holds a pool, surrounded by a wall at low tide, submerged at high tide.
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