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Update Your Home Interiors with These Gorgeous Tables and Chairs

As every collector knows, luxury interior design updates don’t need to be big to make a statement—whether that’s a beautifully crafted lounge chair in a unique fabric, or a console that seems to defy gravity

Whether you’re planning on updating your lounge, library, or hallway, Luxury Defined has pulled together a list of six new luxury interior design ideas that will help you make a statement. Fancy a sun lounger based on original designs by Salavdor Dalí? Or a coffee table with a nook for your book? Of course you do.

1. Gravity-Defying Consoles and Tables 

Mathieu Lehanneur’s beautiful new Inverted Gravity collection—chairs, tables, and storage—appear to defy physics. Banner image: Jacky Puzey chair by Jo Hounsome Photography.

Mathieu Lehanneur says he has often dreamed of a world without gravity, “like a floating state where the notions of heavy and light have no more meanings.” The Parisian designer has taken this idea as inspiration for his new Inverted Gravity collection—tables, seating, and storage slabs composed of marble and onyx simply placed on bubbles of blown glass, as if suspended in air. The pieces are the perfect mix of craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology, which provides strength and resistance to the delicate balance.

2. Animal Pattern Lounge Chairs 

Interior design updates don’t have to be big to be effective. Jacky Puzey’s creative designs combine modern technology with traditional embroidery skills, and the results are simply stunning.

When Jacky Puzey couldn’t find anyone to embroider her creations to the high standard she wanted, she decided to invest in digital technology and do it herself. The Bristol-based designer-maker now combines the tech with traditional embroidery skills to create one-off and limited edition pieces of furniture that, in her own words, “explore a baroque pleasure in imagery and style.” Puzey’s creations often feature the animal kingdom, and she uses fur and feathers in her designs, along with lace, tweed, and organza. Recent pieces include footstools emblazoned with koi carp and cocktail chairs with parakeets appearing to take flight from the back rest—the latter is available exclusively through the London Connoisseur website.,

3. Salvador Dalí Sunbed 

Spanish manufacturer BD Barcelona has reproduced the Portlligat Sunbed designed by Salvador Dalì for the garden and terrace of his house on the Costa Brava, Spain.

The idea of Salavdor Dalí sunbathing is as surreal as some of his best works, but the Catalan artist rather liked the sun. Enough, in fact, to design his very own lounger, the Portlligat Sunbed (1962). With a head, torso, ribs, arms, hands, legs, and feet, the sunbed has just been revived by Barcelona’s BD in a numbered edition, in iroko wood—a true collector’s piece of furniture. The design is faithful to Dalí’s original and certified by the Gala-Salador Dalí Foundation.

4. The Ideal Reading Table 

The Bookscape Coffee Table by Trey Jones Studio is a bibliophile’s dream—Sleek and simple in its design, it has a clever dip in the wood for displaying your favorite tomes.

The Bookscape Coffee Table by Washington D.C.’s Trey Jones Studio is just what your coffee-table titles have been waiting for. Along with its traditional flat surface areas, with marble and serpentinite coasters, the oak table has a sloping marble insert upon which to place your book, open at the desired page. The table’s dimensions can be customized, as can the choice of wood and stain, and marble inserts—the ideal update for your home library. 

5. Luxurious Leather Sofa 

An iconic piece of interior design can make an instant statement, and the Horizon sofa designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Italian company Alivar certainly does that.

Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Italian company Alivar, the Horizon sofa features armrests and backrests that are slightly tilted for a more comfortable seating position. The steel-and-wood-framed sofa, plumply upholstered in leather and with dainty legs in painted cast aluminum, also comes with three additional cushions for optimum loungeability.

6. Jewel-Like Coffee Tables  

Ring tables from Italian company Saba were designed by Milan-based Serena Confalonieri to look like jewelry settings without their stones.

As the name suggests, the Ring table mimics jewelry fittings as they await the placement of their jewels. Available in copper, brass, steel, and nickel, each table is finished with a tempered glass top in a variety of colors, which is “set” onto the base structure just as a precious stone is set in its ring. Saba, the Italian company that produces Ring, was established in 1987 and works with top designers on its collections. For Ring it teamed up with Milan-based Serena Confalonieri.