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8 of the Best Superyacht Toys and Tenders for 2022

Incredibly cool new ways to entertain family, friends, and guests as you head for open waters in the coming months

What could be more fun than casting off on a superyacht charter of your dreams? Finding yourself aboard a superyacht laden with the best collection of cutting-edge water toys, of course. And, as the 2021 Monaco Yacht Show made clear, there’s no shortage of incredible submarines, accessories, and futuristic tenders available to meet the wishes of every kind of yachting enthusiast. Here’s a rundown of the most innovative superyacht add-ons available in the coming year.

1. Fliteboard

A woman stands on a hydrofoil board in blue ocean waters in front of mountains
Described as “the iPhone of jet boards,” the Fliteboard uses cutting-edge hydrofoil technology to allow you to fly faster and further, and comes complete with an app that lets you visualize, replay, and share rides.

The boats competing in the 2021 America’s Cup seemingly flew across water but, thanks to the Fliteboard—the most advanced electric hydrofoil on the market—that innovative foiling technology isn’t the reserve of professional sailors. Featuring the world’s smallest eFoil motor, the battery-powered Fliteboard is ultra-quiet and allows users to take it higher and turn harder with more stability. And, with speeds of up to 35 mph (55 km/h), you’ll truly feel like you’re flying on water. It’s one of the best toys out there for those who like to surf but find themselves in the calmer seas suited to a superyacht.

2. U-Boat Worx Nemo Submersible

A small submarine is lifted into a superyacht's onboard garage
Designed in conjunction with experienced submersible pilots, the U-Boat Worx Nemo is one of the most sophisticated pieces of underwater technology available. It can be personalized for individual use and is available as a single or two-seat model.

Weighing in at only two tons (2,000 kg) and just 4.7 feet high (1.44 m), the U-Boat Worx Nemo 1 is the lightest and most compact submarine in the world. The two-seater U-Boat Worx Nemo 2 is only slightly heavier at 2.76 tons (2,500 kg). Powered by lithium-ion batteries specially engineered for endurance, the sub offers users a VIP pass to unobstructed views of incredible marine life. You can glide alongside a bale of sea turtles or a shiver of sharks at depths of up to 330 feet (100 m), all while listening to your personal playlist in the air-conditioned, pressurized cabin.

3. The FunAir Floating Shaded Lounger

Three floating loungers connected together on the water, some of the best superyacht toys for relaxing
The FunAir Floating Shaded Lounger is an extra-wide inflatable beach lounger or day bed that also floats on water and comes with a sleek detachable sunshade.

FunAir is known for its custom inflatable yacht slides, climbing walls, and BigAir Blobs, but its latest launch at the 2021 Monaco Yacht Show is all about ramping up the relaxation factor. The Floating Shaded Lounger forms a super-comfortable, free-floating shaded island that can be enjoyed separately or connected to two other loungers. Its ergonomic design and customizable, removable covers pair maximum comfort with the height of luxury, making it ideal for sandy beach days, floating in the shallows, free floating out at anchor, or on deck with a sundowner.

4. Scubajet Electric Scooter

A diver using an electric underwater scooter to explore coral reefs
The Scubajet allows you to propel yourself forward with less effort and dive to new depths, while its electric technology ensures no harm will come to the marine environment you’re exploring.

Since making a splash in the world of water toys, underwater scooters have quickly become a superyacht mainstay. These small, light, high-performance motorized toys can skim the surface or plunge almost 200 feet (60 m) to the seabed, and the all-new Scubajet is the smallest and most versatile model available. Powered by a water jet that outperforms conventional prop systems, it’s emission-free, with stackable batteries and a mesh that safeguards against debris intake. An automatic shut-off system prevents runaways, while the LED nose illuminates night-time adventures. It can even be used to motorize a paddleboard or kayak.

5. Zapata Flyboard Pro

A man is propelled high above the sea by two large water jets
Created by Franky Zapata, a former Jet Ski champion and French inventor, the Flyboard Pro will not only propel you into the air but—thanks to its ability to rotate on its axis—also allow you to perform tricks while doing so. Image: Getty Images

If flying above a superyacht, Avengers-style, appeals to you, then the Flyboard is one of the best water toys to opt for. Using only water-jet propulsion, it’ll elevate you up to 65 feet (20 m) into the air and even enable you to perform impressive acrobatics. All it takes is a pair of boots attached to the Flyboard with jet nozzles underneath, a long hose connected to a watercraft to provide thrust . . . and plenty of practice. It’s the coolest water jetpack around, and the closest thing to really feeling as if you can fly like a superhero.

6. Miss Wonderly by Falcon Tenders

High water mark: Falcon Tenders, a company that specializes in building fully customized yacht tenders in limited numbers, debuted Miss Wonderly, its hybrid limousine model, at the 2021 Monaco Yacht Show.

Miss Wonderly, the all-new diesel-electric limousine tender from British boatbuilder Falcon Tenders, is a work of art. At 10.5 m (34 ft) it’s small enough to fit in a superyacht tender garage, yet large enough to transport guests from yacht to shore in serious style. Seakeeper gyroscopic stabilizers mitigate pitch and roll in rough seas, while the lithium battery banks provide electric power up to 10 knots. In open water, the diesel engine kicks in to offer a rapid top speed of 35 knots. The result is a sustainable balance between reduced fuel emissions, noiseless cruising, and greater performance—not to mention one of the most elegant tenders with the highest quality finish around.

7. The Crystal SUP

A clear paddle board viewed from above on clear blue water
The completely clear Crystal SUP paddleboard provides a 360-degree view of your surroundings and fully immerses you in the seabed, without the need to wear a diving mask or get wet.

Have you ever wondered what swims beneath your paddleboard as you glide out to sea or across a gin-clear lake? The Crystal SUP—a transparent board—answers that very question with views of the water beneath your feet up to depths of 82 feet (25 m). It’s UV protected, which guarantees that the transparency will remain intact for years to come, while a nifty anti-slip foam pad makes it easy to stay on board.

8. Albus Golf Ecobioballs

A man plays golf aboard a sup yacht moored in a marina
Based in Barcelona and Miami, Albus Golf designed the Ecobioball to ensure golf could be enjoyed as an eco-friendly activity on beaches, yachts, and jetties, as well as courses situated near to marine environments. Image: Courtesy Croatia Yachts

If you’ve ever longed to tee off under the setting sun from the aft deck of a superyacht but were worried about the environmental impact, you’re in luck. As the world’s first biodegradable golf ball, with fish food in its core, the Ecobioball from Albus Golf offers an eco-friendly solution. One hundred percent safe for marine flora and fauna, the ball is manufactured using non-contaminating materials and features an external layer that biodegrades in less than 48 hours. It’s the perfect way to practice your swing, while also improving the sustainability and biodiversity of the marine environment around you.

Banner image: The U-Boat Worx Nemo Submersible aboard a superyacht