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Designer Homeware: 6 Gallery-Worthy Pieces to Enhance Your Space

Sculptural, handcrafted, and breathtakingly creative—we round up the designer items that are transforming home decor into an art

As interior artist Terri Lind Davis observes, “Decor may be the heart of a room, but art is its soul.” And top designers around the globe are taking that philosophy to heart, bringing an art-inspired approach to everyday interior items—from tables and chairs to lighting. The result: spectacular designer homeware that is as beautiful to look at as it is practical. Here are six of the best pieces with which to bring art—and soul—to your home today.

Statement Dining

Table and chairs in a dining room
Distinguished by its soft, striking curves, the Anfora table evokes the easy movement of a dancing figure, becoming the centerpiece of any elegant dining space.

The Anfora table gets its name from the ancient Greek vase, or amphora—its shapely base reminiscent of the sculptural vessel. Produced by Italian company Potocco and designed by Alexander Lorenz, the table’s base is available in marble, anthracite, or light gray resinated quartz and can be topped with thin glass, canaletto walnut, or one of two marbles. Tops come in two sizes, 55 inches (140 cm) or 63 inches (160 cm).

Mirror Image

Designer vase with purple flower
"The first piece was created in memory of my old aunt who told us we could “look but never touch” the beautiful objects she had in her house. [This] only made them more magical," says Sebastian Errazuriz of his new Reflection collection.

Sebastian ErraZuriz’s new sculptural Reflection collection offers designer homeware that “invites the viewer to look again at realities that were often hidden in plain sight,” with the inclusion of prism-like mirrored elements that alter our view of our surroundings. Among the pieces are the Sphere Cabinet, with a central mirrored semisphere that reflects the objects placed on its glass shelves, and the Vase, which infinitely reflects blooms thanks to its face-to-face mirrors.

Stone Love

The REXITE Tobi Collection – designer homeware with a Japanese twist
With Rexite's new Tobi collection, Italian architect and designer Elena Trevisan invites people to take "their minds off everyday life [and] sink into a softness that welcomes and supports the body."

The Tobi sofa for Rexite by Elena Trevisan is named after the tobi-ishi, or stepping stones found in Japanese gardens that form a path to the tea house, allowing guests to mentally prepare for the tea ceremony to come. “Tobi’s solid wood legs are conceived as the supports of these stones while the fluid forms of its seat return the mind to a state of relaxation,” says its designer. Coverings include wool, leather, and eco-leather.

Glass Act

Glass coffee tables in living space
Blown, drawn-out and sculpted by master glassmakers, Soda tables play with light and shadow, creating different shapes and forms in your mind's eye as the day progresses. A statement piece like no other.

It takes three master craftsmen to produce a Soda coffee table—each Murano glass table weighs around three stone (20 kg) and is blown, drawn out, and shaped by the trio, with a single volume of glass for the top and three “petals” forming the stem. A collaboration between Italian manufacturer Miniforms and designer Yiannis Ghikas, the tables are named after one of the three elements of glass, are available in rich amber or deep emerald green, and come in two sizes.

Bright Idea

Floor lamp, table and chair in a room
Leather expert Bill Amberg looks at the relationship between light and sculpture in his new Loom Collection: a series of intricate and contemporary woven leather lighting designs that make a thoughtful addition to any space.

If the name Bill Amberg is familiar, it’s probably for the classic handmade leather bags and accessories he and his team have been quietly producing for the past three decades. Amberg is now applying what he’s learned from working with leather to lighting. The Loom Collection comprises a series of hand-woven leather lights in four elegant and adaptable configurations: a single and a twin floor light, a table light, and a wall light.

Thanks to their tight weaves, each of the designs plays with shadow effects, with a delicate glow radiating through. “I’ve always wanted to develop a lighting collection,” says Amberg. “It was also important to me that these lights are beautiful objects in their own right; when not illuminated, they enhance an interior with their sculptural and textural beauty.”

Lightness of Being

Designer geometric chair with cone base
A timeless design that blends geometric, minimalist lines with impeccable craftsmanship, the Romby chair is easily the best seat in the house.

Almost gravity-defying, the Romby chair is designer homeware at its best, combining retro styling with geometric charm. Designed by Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi of GamFratesi for Porro, the chair’s truncated cone base, flawlessly assembled from a number of segments, is paired with a compact, swivel seat covered in leather or a variety of fabrics. The pair sought to create “a cocoon armchair that embraces the body, enveloping it with a feeling of great lightness.”

Banner image: Soda coffee table designs from Italian manufacturer Miniforms and designer Yiannis Ghikas